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Top 3 Reasons How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health: How To Make Your Carpet Safe?

Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health

Every homemaker knows how important and still tremendously difficult it is to keep your flooring clean. Soft bright fluffy carpets and different rags always create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Any flat becomes cozier, besides, carpets contribute to the room design. But unfortunately, they have one great disadvantage – carpets tend to pick hair, fur, and dust. And if you believe that a couple of dust particles accumulated in the pile of the mat are not visible to anyone and are completely harmless, you are deeply mistaken. Despite all its beauty and comfort, dirty carpet conceals great danger to health. But as they say – forewarned is forearmed. Let’s look at three main reasons how dirty carpets affect your health and how you can make your carpet safe and clean.


Allergies are the first and the most significant danger to your health. Carpet accumulates millions of tiny dust particles, plant pollen, animal hair and secretions in its pile for a long time between cleanings. And at the slightest contact with the carpet, all this dirt rises into the air and enters your lungs. People with allergies immediately react to this dust. It increases the frequency and intensity of the attacks, so it becomes harder and harder to stop them. But don`t think that if you don`t have any allergies, a dirty carpet is not dangerous for you. Regular inhalation of hazardous particles that irritate your respiratory system can provoke an allergic reaction even in a healthy organism. This is especially dangerous for people with weak immunity and children. Carpet pile can also hide pneumonia and colibacillosis bacteria.

You are not Alone Here – Mites and Bugs

Here is some exciting fact – human skin emits about one million of flakes per hour. So all these particles fly in the air and settle down on the furniture and floor. Your dead skin is a perfect food for tiny, barely visible house dust mites. They don`t live under the skin or eat live flakes, so we can`t call them parasitic. But their gut that contains digestive enzymes, fecal particles, and exoskeleton provoke allergies, asthma, multiple dermatological diseases. A dirty carpet is a kind of feeder for different species of mites, skin beetles, bedbugs, spiders.

Toxic Materials

Unfortunately, there are few of us, who can afford a beautiful and high-quality Persian carpet, woven from natural materials. Carpets made of natural wool and linen have always been and remain a luxury and a sign of prosperity. Besides, quite often we meet unscrupulous sellers who lie about the composition of carpets, the country of origin for their own benefit. Nowadays, many manufacturers use synthetic materials in production – plastic, polyamide, acrylic, polyester. If the factory used poor quality raw materials or the process was disrupted, the goods are defective. Your favorite carpet will turn into a ticking time bomb and will poison you with its toxic vapors day after day. It is also dangerous to clean such a carpet – a chemical reaction between the pile and cleaning agents can cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes.

So, as we see carpet isn`t only a great beauty but also a great responsibility. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways of keeping your flooring fresh and tidy. Never let your carpet damage your health, and these easy and inexpensive tips will help you.

Beat the Carpet and Air the Rooms

Air in the room is twice duster than outside the house. Carpets, soft toys, furniture keep dirt in their fibers, and always closed windows prevent air circulation. The first step to get rid of dust is to open the windows and let fresh air in. You also should take your carpets outside from time to time, beat them, and leave on fresh air for a couple of hours. All these procedures help escape some dust both in carpets and in the air, but they are still insufficient for eliminating all the dirt.

Use Carpet Brushes and Shampoos

One of the easiest and popular methods of carpet cleaning is a brush. Brushes are designed to agitate the carpet pile to help loosen deep dirt. Brush your carpet before every vacuuming – it`ll help both make cleaning more thorough and prolong the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner. Use brushes in combination with special shampoos. Wet the pile, spread a shampoo over the entire carpet surface, rub it, and leave for several minutes. Carpet shampoos work to loosen debris, liquids, kill bacteria and mites living in a pile, eliminate old spots, smells, pet hair and refresh the appearance. But please, before buying and using some brush and shampoo make sure you chose the right things for your carpet. Some brushes have too harsh bristle that can be damaging to certain piles and fibers, and shampoo components can spoil the color and the structure of the flooring

Vacuum Your Carpet as Often as You Can

Vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs is another nice and useful way to keep your house clean. Vacuuming helps eliminate dust and the majority of bugs living in a pile, plus refresh the air. The most powerful models such as Dyson v8 or Dyson v10 keep high suction even after extended usage and cope with the smallest particles like pollen. Models are equipped with various brushes and nozzles that clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs with thick piles, work with difficult places, spots, and pet fur. The cord-free system also contributes to easy cleaning in every place around the house. The vacuum cleaners are perfect for people suffering from allergies and asthma due to the professional filtration that captures dust and allergens preventing them from returning into the air.

Nowadays, doctors tend to advise people not to keep carpets in their dwellings at all, for they too often threaten health. And perhaps, it is the best way out. But if you still want to make your house cozier in such a way, please don`t forget about the regular cleaning. These easy rules will help you keep the carpet fresh and your health strong.

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