Outdoors is more fun and when days get longer, you tend to spend more time outdoors. So, your outdoor décor game should be on point. Well, your outdoor space should not be just a space for plants but as unique as the rest of your house.

You can design your garden with trendy birdhouses, wind chimes, and vintage furniture. Here are some outdoor décor trends for you:

outdoor décor trends in 2019

  • Summer Wreaths
  • Nouveau Nests
  • Wind Chimes
  • Planters
  • Garden Miniatures
  • Backyard Glamping
  • Swinging Seats

1.  Summer Wreaths

Autumn wreaths or winter wreaths both give a vibrant look. Have you thought of summer wreaths? This summer get yourself seasonal wreaths which come in full circle, offers you a warm welcome and leans to be minimalist, casual or beach like. You can get some creative stuff too like loops of lemons or crisp arrangements of olives or magnolia leaves.

2. Nouveau Nests

When we humans need new trendy thing then why won’t the birds upgrade? Birdhouses also got an architectural touch and have updated to new designs. You can find these amazing nests at Etsy’s outdoor and garden collection. Use Etsy Coupons to avail discounts.

3. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are now reinvented in more styles, materials, and motifs than the old seashell ones. You can look for even nature-centric styles from tree bark, bamboo, driftwood, along with designs inspired by the boho designs with columns of copper bells. Also, minimalistic styles of wind chime are available in ceramic and saturated shards of sunshine-colored glass. And the new kind of wind chime in vogue these days is chimes crafted with recycled wine bottles, serving as a reminder to memorize good old days.

4. Planters

If you love gardening, then these plain and painted terra cotta pots have a place in your garden. You can cultivate your own unique kind of container garden. You can buy hanging planters, vertical gardens, terra pots of different shapes and sizes and also modern picture planters are in vogue these days. Get ready to build your colorful, mix-match shady garden.

5. Garden Miniatures

Are you also the one choosing mermaids over unicorns? So, when you think of a magical mood, fairy gardens are what come to your mind. And, these miniature gardens with fairy-sized furnishings, doors designed to attract sprites and pathways for other friendly spirits. You can buy a readymade garden miniature or just create your own adding whimsy to your outdoor area. You can buy these miniatures from Etsy’s by using Etsy Coupons

6. Backyard Glamping

Having an outdoor party around a fire with friends and family is old but elemental. Well, there is a wide range of freestanding fire pits at Etsy’s. Along with this background, entertaining and campouts are also the next level of outdoor décor. You can use Etsy Coupons to get discounts on purchase.

You can also search for sculptural steel designs with built-in fire storage and rustic stunners. So, enjoy your outdoor party and enlighten your mood with roasted marshmallows.

7. Swinging Seats

Hammocks are absolutely relaxing. You must install hammocks in your garden as their design means that you do not require much space and they have their own stands. Hammock chairs are also an option to go for outdoor décor. You can have on or both of them and it will look amazing, adding grace to your outdoors.

These seven outdoor trends are in vogue these days. Trends keep changing and every other day we have all new trendy products to buy. Before these trends go out of vogue, you better start to design you outdoors.

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